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Speeding and Roadway Negligence

Speeding is the single leading cause of road accidents and car crashes in the United States. People are not always aware of it, but speeding is habitual behavior common for most drivers. Compared to other dangerous behaviors like driving without seat belts and drunk driving which has been greatly reduced, accidents due to speeding has still stayed a challenge to be tackled effectively.

Several factors can all contribute to a fatal auto accident: a drunk person can forget to wear their seatbelt when driving, and tend to speed up without realizing it. This is a deadly combination which has resulted to a significant number of serious injuries and fatalities in the past years. Last year’s report has accounted speeding as the cause for more than 10,000 fatalities, and speed-related auto accidents have cost the economy more than $40 billion, as reported by the NHTSA. Motorists have expressed their concerns regarding speeding motorists on the roads, but they are not aware that they, too, are committing the offense.

Most people speed for a number of reasons, namely: inattention to their driving, rushing on the road, belief that they are above the law or the law does not apply to them, not thinking that speeding is dangerous, or they will not get caught speeding. Although there have been improvements on the number of traffic fatalities, these are mainly due to better safety measures on automobiles, thus bad driving habits such as speeding and aggressive driving have not improved at all. As people feel more safe, they become more reckless, minimizing the efficacy of these safety advancements. Because of these reckless behaviors, many people have become victims to auto accidents. Additionally, people in the United States are often somewhat blasé about drunk driving, which is another reason many people end up speeding.

Motorists whose acts of negligence have caused significant injuries or damages due to an auto accident can be liable for compensation. Aside from the physical burden, an accident can also cause emotional and mental pain and suffering, as well as significant financial losses that should be compensated if the cause was the fault of another motorist. When in doubt about an auto accident claims and compensation, consult a lawyer who is well-versed in personal injury cases to help you understand and explain your rights.

Failure to Properly Handle Animals

Animal injury is among the many types of personal injury claims that American citizens are filing in courts. Any personal injury that directly caused by an animal or results from the animal’s behavior can account as animal injury, regardless of whether it is a domesticated pet or a farm or zoo animal. The most common type of injuries are scratches, bites, and slip and fall injuries, generally from pet owners of domesticated animals. Dogs have been notoriously known for causing serious injuries, hurting people between 35 and 54 years old as well as children 14 years and younger.

When an animal injury occurs, finding who is liable. The first thing to do in order to determine who is liable is to ask who the owner of the animal is. Different states in American have their own laws regarding who becomes responsible for the incident and the injuries. Usually, the owner is the one held accountable for the pet and the damages and injuries that it causes, however, there are instances where other people can be held liable, such as:

  1. The owner is under legal age, which is under 18 years old,
  2. The pet was on the other person’s property and have was negligent in removing the animal,
  3. The animal was under the care of another person while the owner was away, and
  4. The owner’s landlord was aware of the risk of the animal but did not act on it.

For an accident lawyer, it is vital to understand the state laws regarding animal bites and which law applies in order to determine who can be held accountable for the accident. There are states that implement the “one-bite rule”, where anyone who keeps or harbors an animal is legally the one responsible for any injuries or damages that the animal causes. Other states, on the other hand, follows that the owner can only be held responsible if he is aware or have reason to know the tendency of the animal to attack and cause injury.

According to The Williams Kherkher Law Firm, animal bites that cause serious physical and emotional damage can be put into court in order to award compensation. Animal attacks have resulted to hundreds of emergency cases, which can often lead to huge medical bills and lost time is work, causing financial issues. In order to avoid further problems, it would be better to hold the animals owners accountable for their animal’s actions.

DaVinci Robot Dangers

Intuitive Surgical Inc., the manufacturers of the da Vinci surgical robot, has been getting some heat lately due to the rising number of lawsuits filed against them. This is after a number of patients who have been through surgeries using the surgical machine received injuries following their operations, all of which they were not informed of and have lead to other serious health complications.

The da Vinci robotic surgery has been used to perform about 375,000 surgical procedures since its approval by the FDA in 2000. Most of these procedures were of gynecologic or urologic in nature, utilizing computerized technology which permits the surgeon to perform minimally-invasive surgery through laparoscopic instruments connected to the robotic arms. These procedures would result to less blood loss along with lesser scars and quicker recovery time for the patient.

Despite the advances and benefits of the da Vinci surgery, the increasing number of adverse events (AE) reports to the FDA has been piling up, which has totaled to 245 patients all suffering from the aggravations caused by the procedures. Reports however, particularly from the study done and published online on the Journal for Healthcare Quality, state that a great number of these AE incidents remain unreported, and most of the reports are given late or inaccurately. Several medical groups have voiced their concern regarding the usefulness of the robotic surgery considering the liabilities that may come with using it.

Lawsuits involving the da Vinci robotic surgery run a gamut of claims – from poor, inexperienced doctors performing the surgery to complications due to design defects. The sad part of these complications is that they are not immediately identified and could only be detected when they have already caused severe pain and suffering to the patient. For an accident lawyer, these are already grounds for a lawsuit which could award the patient with compensation for the damages brought about by the procedures. It is important to report such health complications following a surgery using the da Vinci surgical robot so that others will know the dangers that they are putting themselves into and ensure that the surgical robot is made safely and operated properly.

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