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Is Possession of Marijuana Legal in Texas?

It is true that the benefits of marijuana, also known as cannabis by those of a scientific bent, has become a popular sticking point for those who would like to keep the substance off the supermarket shelves. The marijuana advocacy groups are pushing, and pushing hard for making it legal, and they are gaining a lot of ground.

Advocates argue that overdosing on marijuana is virtually impossible, and that the benefits for those who are depressed, in pain, or would otherwise benefit from the effects of pot on their system far outweigh associated risks. It is believed that marijuana is addictive, and in high quantities can lead to hallucinations, but under controlled conditions it is certainly no worse than moderate use tobacco or alcohol.

Nearly half of US states (23 and counting) plus the District of Columbia have not exactly let marijuana loose on the streets, but they have enacted laws that allow people with a prescription to obtain small quantities of the sticky-wicky for medical applications. In general, you can be found in possession of a limited amount of marijuana in those states but go scot-free if you can produce a legitimate medical certificate that you use it for medical purposes.

But not Texas. At least, not yet.

There are predictions that by 2015, medical marijuana will be legal in the Lone Star state, but until the legislation actually passes, possession of marijuana for whatever purpose or in whatever quantity is still illegal. As the lomtl website points out, you get caught with pot in Dallas, you get sent to jail, levied a fine, or both.

Having marijuana on your person or property is essentially drug possession, and is dealt severely in conservative Texas. In order to avoid legal problems associated with a drug conviction, retain the services of an experienced criminal defense lawyer without loss of time if you are charged with possession of marijuana.